• Cutting Silicon wafers
  • Ablating the edge of cells
  • Scribing thin film silicon layers to create cells in series

Laser Scribing in amorphous silicon solar cells

The electrodes of a-Si thin-film cells are fabricated by P1, P2 and P3 processings of laser scribing. P1 scribes the transparent conductive film (TCO) layer; P2 scribes the a-Si PN junction layer which is coated by CVD;  And P3 scribes the conductive metal film sputtered by PVD on the back of the a-Si layer.  As a result, the whole thin film solar cells can be connected in series by laser scribing. Particularly, picosecond lasers are suitable for laser scribing. Integrated by a  frequency doubling module , AccuLasers’  picosecond lasers can achieve 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm wavelengths based on the need of the customers. Because different layers needs different pulse energy and wavelength to remove corresponding layers, Acculasers’ flexible and excellent ACL-iPS-HE1064 series are ideal laser for solar cells production.