• Cutting in glass, ceramics and sapphire
  • Marking on glass, metal etc.
  • Drilling

Using laser to cut glass

In traditional way of cutting glass, hard materials such as diamond are used to carve on the glass surface, then the glass is segmented by applying stress. The traditional method is low in yield, and will result in micro cracks and unsmooth surface. And has been outpaced by the advanced Laser cutting technology which is accurate, fast and of superb quality.

Laser cutting glass is an industrialized technology. The stress bond in the glass is broken by laser not by human stress. Compared with the traditional way of cutting glass, Laser cutting has lots of merits such as it is an operation of non-contact and low heat ,  and can achieve much better surface quality, being accurate and effective etc. In particular, picosecond and femtosecond lasers (known as ultrafast lasers) are well suitable in precise cutting of mobile phone screen glass and sapphire glass.